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How did this website come to be ?
Every day when I heard my brother say, “Today’s environmental art class was so much fun!” I would wonder what this environmental art class was all about. I found out that the fourth grade was cooperating with the Taipei City National Taiwan Science Education Center in this two-month course. They first got to know the Shuangxi River, installation art, drew design sketches, created art pieces, arranged art pieces, and practiced their presentations until their official opening. I was surprised at how each step of the process was so well thought out.

The completed art installations were exhibited on the bank of the Shuangxi River by the school. Many people exercise here, and it’s a great place for us kids to play. It is also the home to many birds, fish, flowers, plants, and insects. Though I had not paid special attention to the Shuangxi River normally, I discovered through my brother’s project that we could do something for it. Especially after seeing recent news reports on river pollution, I could not understand why adults would do these kinds of things. Maybe they didn’t know about how much us children loved the river. This is why I would like to use this website as an opportunity for more people to know that even elementary students like us can take action to love our environment and our planet earth.

Take a look at our paradise, the Shuangxi River!
Everyone’s response to the event and exhibition!
Do you want to learn about how we created these beautiful pieces of art?
What else did we do afterwards?


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